The duties of a Culver Boys & Girls Club Board Member are to manage the business, property, and affairs of the corporation with the responsibility and authority to determine operating policies and practices.


The End result of a Board that performs its duties will be:

  • A well-managed and effective organization which provides programs to meet the needs of boys and girls.
  • Timely achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • An organization that has sufficient finances, a competent staff, and a quality program based on the principle of youth development.



Dana Neer, Chairperson
Culver Academies


2019 Board

Carol Zeglis

Alan Loehr

Ginny Monroe

Mike Pazin

Bill Githens

Melva Githens

Tracy Fox

Dana Damore

Cheryl Bird

Janette Surrisi

Jim Szymusiak

Karen Shuman


2014 – 990 Form